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Single Brush F/X Airbrush System

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This single brush system is used for fantasy--face and body painting applications--where the painter feels he/she is not quite ready to make the jump to the full 6 or 12-brush system.

Included are the following

-IWATA Smart Jet Pro, a super quiet compressor with auto shut-off

-IWATA Eclipse Cup-Fed Airbrush

-Six shades of Graftobian 2.25 oz. F/X Aire(tm) Airbrush Make-Up(White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green)

-1- 8 oz. Bottle Cleansing Fluid

-1- 2 oz. Empty Spray Bottle to use for dispensing the cleansing fluid--for easy clean up between shades. 

Also, consider our Airbrush Stencil Set pack.

The system is usually sold with a cup-fed airbrush, HP-BS or HP-CS, but may be exchanged at no additional cost for a bottom-fed brush, HP-BCS. However, if you choose to get the bottle-fed brush, don't forget to order several #20068 adapter caps for the makeup bottles.