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Corrector/Neutralizer Wheels

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When an actor needs to hide color imperfections, blemishes, stains or other discolorations, it requires neutralizing or concealing. These two wheels are designed to include the most often used shades for neutralizing, highlighting and concealing used by professionals.  
Available in both a Light and a Dark skin tone wheel, these shades are formulated with our theatrical base--more intense pigmentation than found in our HD Glamour Creme Corrector Palette, which shares 5 of 6 of the Light Wheel shades. This strength of coverage handles extreme discoloration situations as well as tattoo coverage!

1 oz. 
88888: Light Corrector Wheel
Pink hi-Lite: Counteracts gray or brown
Extra Hi-Lite: A lighter highlighter
Yellow Hi-Lite: Cancels deep red and purple
Muted Green: Removes redness
Orange Neutral: Neutralizers blue
Soft Orange Neutral: Softer blue neutralizer
88889: Dark Corrector Wheel
Burnt Orange: Neutralizes blue
Red Neutralizer: Removes redness
Deep Red Neutralizer: Removes redness
Soft Orange Neutral II: Blue neutralizer
Suntan Red: Counteracts gray
Deep Muted Green: Removes redness