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Check It Out! Divinity Cosmetics Featured On MonroeMisfitMakeup.com

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Halloween Makeup - Where to Get It - DivinityCosmetics.com *
Forget the cheap Halloween aisle makeup and put Graftobian on your lsit. The best special effects makeup, amazing quality, lasts all night and is affordable. Divinity Cosmetics is a new online store that carries Badass Stencils and literally all of the Graftobian products that you'll need for any costume makeup you do..EVER.

Graftobian ProPaint Mettalic Silver Sterling, Catalina Blue, White Swan
Graftobian PRO paints ($11.19) come in 24 brilliant shades of water activated makeup that can be used on the face, hair, and body. Pro Paints have super high color payoff and don't smudge or budge after they dry and feel comfortable and light on the skin, not greasy or heavy. You get so much use out of these pans! A little goes forever and they can cover a large area easily. There's no staining either so you don't have to worry about going to work the next day with a colorful face or body :)

 Graftobian HD Lipstick Blue & Silver
Finding the right blue lipstick has been a challenging. OCC's were just a shade off and liners or paints too drying. I found my match in Graftobian HD Lipstick ($8.49) appropriately named "Blue", a true royal blue. "Silver" takes a few layers to build up but the metallic translucency makes it wearable even, in a cool futuristic way. For a frozen look this one would be dead on. The formula's of these lipstick's are creamy, smooth, longlasting, and scentless. Definitely getting some of these in normal colors because they're fantastic.

Badass Stencils ($15 Full, $4 mini) are BADASS. No spending hours drawing designs on perfectly. They're very sturdy and give crisp lines. Just place the stencils and fill them in or airbrush and you look like you're a freakin badass makeup artist. Cheating? No, we just wanna get to the party sooner!




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